Putin / Lord of the Flies

Date: 1/6/2020

By rembrandt

i was in london at that Indian restaurant me and alexis ate at that was really good. i was with some girl who was apparently my friend but idk who she was IRL. i remember her face clearly, it was really cute, slavic, she looked like a russian doll, very pale skin and dark hair. but she said she was Dutch. we were eating at a table when, Vladimir Putin came into the restaurant and sat down at a table adjacent to us. he started chatting with us immediately. particularly with my friend because he thought she was Russian. It was like he was hitting on her, but when she told him she was Dutch he dropped it. He said something to her like, you are almost a perfect beauty. Then he turned his attention to me and started flirting w/ me. I went along with it, I liked the attention. Other people in the restaurant were starting to notice Putin was there and they were pointing and staring. He told us, it was normal and then got up and started making rounds around the restaurant. Greeting people, talking to them etc. much like a US president would do. I was pretty surprised at how friendly and popular he was in this setting. I was charmed by him too. Anyway, after he was done with that we left the restaurant and he came with us. I parted with my friend and ended up with him alone. It was very amorous, we walked around London like a couple. I remember we were talking about politics which was weird, I think I asked him about military secrets. But the whole situation was still very romantic. I wasn’t sure he really liked me, but I liked him and being near him at this moment so it didn’t matter. People on the street noticed us and him, I thought it must be weird to see someone my age with Putin acting this way. I know there was more to this dream but I can’t remember it in detail. I woke up at one point and then went back to sleep and continued this dream. I think at one point we went to a concert, and then his hotel. But nothing sexual ever happened. It was platonic the whole time. I really don’t understand the significance of Putin being the romantic figure as I literally know nothing about the man and have never studied him/really learned anything about him in school. Maybe I just associate him with power, something I desire? Or at least desire someone with power to care for me. I just don’t know. ——————— 2nd dream: It was Lord of the Flies movie, but real. I was watching the events taking place but also partaking in it. While everything was happening I had two paper assignments due for a class I needed to get done, that my professor assigned after the semester ended which made me angry. I was receiving death threats on my tumblr from anonymous users. I believed it was my roommates doing. I asked her if she completed the essay assignments she said yes, but then after I asked our prof in person about how many sources we needed, she then told me she hadn’t done it yet and thanked me for asked the prof. Snake. Anyway, back to Lord of the Flies scenario. I think this was appearing to me as a form of procrastination. It was a new movie, starring none other than Timothee Chalamat. The scene I was watching was right after Piggy died, Chalamat was putting on a big dramatic acting scene. I thought it was kind of cringey though. Then the movie took a detour and I was in it. There was a game of football happening on the beach. At the same time some survivor-ass shit was happening. Me and people from middle school were standing on these tall wooden platforms trying to stay balanced while the football game happened below. Don’t really know where this went but I was never scared. Big waves were crashing down on the beach below. I told Timothee he should surf some. Then a really massive one came and went all the way up the beach, where my roomate was holding my laptop and she got it wet. At first she tried to get it out of the water but then I guess remembered she didn’t like me and tried to ruin the computer. I knew in my head it still worked though so I wasn’t really angry. At some point the film took a big turn and I was a ninja or something. A group of people, who looked pretty scary were trying to find me and grabbed ahold of me. They emerged from the sea, and looked like real bad dudes. The main guy said to me, you either come with us or die. I was like OK. Then *unsheathed my katana* and committed sudoku. But really I cut my neck and chest. I saw it as instant replay in my dream too. The main guy was like NOOOOOOO, take her, we must save her! I tried to die and my wounds really did look fatal but apparently they saved me. I ended up wrapped up in bandages inside some hotel casino resort, a master suite. Then I woke up I’m pretty sure.