The 'Boyfriend' Is Back

Date: 7/30/2017

By KaitlynAdelle

If you read my previous dreams you would know I've had a lot of dreams about this guy and he is always my 'boyfriend' in the dreams. Anyway I had a dream last night and I went into a trampoline and then some kids from my school were joining me and friends. Then my 'boyfriend' came over. This girl I don't know but knew in my dream came over and said something about him and I don't remember what she said but I got mad I think it was something about him liking her. Then he gave her this look that you can't describe unless you see it but it was his 'why are lying' or 'are you serious' face. Then she slapped him really hard and I was shocked she did that and then he just gave her a dirty look and walked away. The next thing I know I wake up and I was like 'I forgot to check on him' in the dream I knew it was a nap but I didn't know how I got there or how long I was asleep. I went around looking for him and he was outside on my patio (this and everything ahead happened at my house unless said so. Also there were add ons and different things that weren't apart of my house but still a lot of the things were my house) anyway my mom was out there standing with him but I guess she saw me looking at him because she came inside and walked away somewhere. I went outside and kissed him and I asked him what was wrong but when I opened my eyes from kissing him it was my dog and then my dog kissed me back. (This is so confusing and weird 😂) and anyway after that I was confused even in my dream and so my dog went inside and got into her cage but as soon as she sat down, HE came back. WHAT? So I was like 'okay whatever wyd though' and so while he's sitting in this cage weird stuff is happening so I start saying his name and then he shakes and he turns into a robot WHAT?? Then this screen pops up and at this point I'm scared to death. The screen starts explaining that its testing how humans love and interact for different life forms to discover and learn but I'm backing out of the cage while it's saying that. Then everything starts to be a blurry hearing like your under water and I'm running in my basement going to the stairs. When I make it to the top there's another camera sitting in the middle of the steps and there's no hearing for me until a narrator voice is the only thing I hear and it's in my voice so it's like I'm speaking as a narrator but I'm not speaking. My thoughts are being spoke through my voice while I'm not talking (sorry if that makes no sense) anyway I'm saying 'how many of these are there' Next thing I know I'm crying to one of my friends who in real life has feelings for this guy and I'm telling her that I loved him and that he's not even real that he was just a test for earth blah blah blah. ANYWAY this dream is really confusing and I have no idea what it means so if anyone could help that would be great. MY QUESTIONS: Why did he keep changing what he was? He went to human,dog,human, to robot? Why does he keep showing up in my dreams? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN??