Twice The Time Travel

Date: 5/10/2017

By Fitful

I went back in time with a girl to the 1980's. We went back in time whilst in the school we had attended then and it was amazing being thrust suddenly so far back. Part of the school was a clothing store and we had to dress ourselves in the appropriate period clothing. I wore all black, as per my usual, and in the mirrors I was amazingly beautiful, lithe and thin and gorgeous. The mirrors were all too short to show me full length tho. We didn't act like the same students, or perhaps we had been troubled students, because the principal and the teachers kept a very suspicious eye on us. The girl who brought me here didn't mind, she was incredibly outgoing, and we broke into the principal's office during lunch to eat there. My mother was there for a while, called by the principal reporting my wild and weird behavior. I told her I was gay again, accidentally because I forgot she didn't know. Then I just overexaggerated everything and told it all to her just to see her horrified face. I told her this long list of things which included wearing black, being wiccan, doing drugs and having a tattoo, all typically horrifying things, very exaggerated stuff. Some of it was oversimplification or out and out lying, I just wanted to horrify her and get off my chest all the things I'd felt pressured not to be or do. I debated lying saying I had more tattoos than I did or showing her the one I was wearing currently, a huge tattoo of a cricket on my back which was 98% finished and just needed a corner filled in. I was a baby when the dream showed me the cricket so it was a major tattoo, huge. There was a man with us, a middle aged guy who came with us apparently back in time, or the girl turned into a man? or something. He was in charge of our expedition to the 80s. He sat at the principal's desk on a computer, a thin laptop which didn't belong in the era, and spent the whole time doing stuff on there. He had this surly, sarcastic personality, it was very abrasive. He kept eating, kept going to his lunch box and ate meal after meal the whole time. Some of the meals were rotten and he couldn't eat those. I tried to get my phone to connect to the WiFi, but it was very poor connection in the 80s and I remember I had to use dial up, well the man reminded me. He was connected to the lan line with his laptop. I thought about connecting my phone to his laptop and using the Internet but got bored. The girl insisted I retake the tests I was supposed to take back then, she ripped off the answers but gave me those bubble answer sheets and the test which was long. It was a bit difficult to recall everything I'd done as a child. I asked questions a lot. The girl was going over her resume. Suddenly she had a British accent. She was complaining about her baby nurse experience and the man told her it was fine, being burnt out was a sign she did a good job. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was with a woman who was pregnant, I was outside watching everything but I knew I was the baby she was having. She was due in about three months, and she was big. She had this quiet personality, a bit laid back, and hardly ever spoke much, when she did she was soft spoken but not in a passive way. She wasn't timid. She lived in this house which was still being built, the man she was building it was taking care of her. She was also seeing another man, who was also a carpenter, he made things locally and would come by and see her when her man was away. Neither seemed to know about the other, and she didn't seem wracked with guilt or even as if it was a wrong thing to do, it seemed natural. The house was in a serious state of disarray. It was built, the foundation and a good portion of the inside and structure going up to the third floor, but it was as if he forgot to build all of the walls only in certain places and the inside was not even done at all. It wasn't being built on with a crew and it wasn't ever noisy. In fact it looked completely deserted all the time, despite the fact I knew it was being built. I liked to crouch inside the ground floor and just sit there, it was so quiet and dark, but the walls just there weren't built yet, they were missing, so I could see out in pieces to my left and right and straight ahead and see the pretty neighborhood we lived in. It was a beautiful place full of townhouses reminding me of Louisville, Kentucky. Perfectly green manicured lawns. And it was always day, with this crystal blue sky, a dense hue not a thin pale blue. The woman was a bit worried occasionally, the baby was due soon and it's room wasn't built yet, even the second floor where it's room would be wasn't built yet. She voiced her concerns to the man she lived with who was building the house. He assured her it would be finished and not to worry. Sometimes the woman was a bunny rabbit, a young bunny with a bunny beau to match. She lived with a bunny family and they were overjoyed she was having a baby. They didn't understand why she was worried, just pushed the young couple together hoping for more babies.