fancy taco bell

Date: 7/22/2017

By headFeed

i ordered a double triple crunchwrap or whatever its called but for some reason it took forever, they used super fancy things in it like baby pork and fresh melted cheese and sauce that took forever all in a fair style container with extra cheese sauce it wasnt even a crunchwrap, they gave me a kabob too and some other meat thing and i got a level up as a customer??? i went to finally sit with my friends but one left for her next class and the other was mad at me that i took forever and my "crunchwrap" was cold already. my receipt was really weird i only ordered a crunchwrap, potato griller, and one other thing but there was 6 things on it that made no sense. it all came to 18 dollars tho so it wasnt too expensive. i was about to eat but then realized its a dream and just yelled cause i was so hungry. i woke up feeling greasy????