kissing a hot dude on the sofa and halloween

Date: 8/8/2016

By Doodoo

I dreamt i was in a house of some sort, and i was sitting on a vintage small looking couch. The couch was nice and comfortable. Anyway a really hot guy sat next to me and started talking to me while other people were talking and minding their own business. I became very friendly with the hot dude and starting chatting. He saw that my iphone was cracked and asked about it so i took it out of my pocket to show him and explain. Then i remembered i had a really cool video of the sea lion i filmed on a rock in abalone cove.(this really happened twas awesome) and i wanted to show him so i opened up my gallery and searched for it. To my fucking horror i saw that i had pictures of the dude on my phone and i was like wtf so i scrolled up fast but i knew he saw them. I was 100% sure he thought i was a stalker or some shit. To get his mind off of the pictures i asked him if he had ever been to abalone cove while i looked for the damned video. He smiled and said no and kept getting closer to me. I eventually gave up looking for the sea lion video and looked up at him to say that we should really go one day. He agreed and moved in for a kiss. It was a really passionate kiss, and i was getting really deep into it. He was touching me all over and pressing against my body and i was getting totally turned on. He moved a hand to press it in between my legs and i think i was trying to take my pants off. At this point i really wanted to ravage this guy. But before i could some woman separated us for a meeting and had me sit far away from him on a leather rolling chair. The weird thing is i was the only one sitting in such a chair and everyone else was on the floor, including the hot dude who sat a few feet away and kept glancing at me. I twirled in the chair while the woman talked about some shit and i fell backwards in the chair as a result. Suddenly i was in a huge fancy mansion that was my home and i was getting ready for a halloween party and i wore a really sexy/gothic black dress with high heels, and put on some red lipstick. I had curly hair too and was pissed off that i didnt have time to straighten it. My grandma appeared and told me something, and i spoke in a very horrible, disgusting, accent. The kind of accent you wonna punch out of someone, the kind of accent umbridge from harry potter has. Then i woke up.