Date: 5/2/2017

By uhknowhu

Me and My friends are having lunch while we were at school, which was near to a hand wash...my friend finishes the meal and goes to wash his hands, a girl arrives, a junior walks next to my friend and pushes him.. He says WTF! Is wrong with you, can't you see in washing my hands. She goes to the class and rants about it to her teacher. We were like why did she do that? And in the next movement her class teacher arrives and starts lecturing my friend, so I stood up for him and talked to her what's the matter.. And what the girl did was wrong and you are getting mad at us. I told my friends to leave, and they did. The teacher made me so angry talking irrelevant...the convo became Louder and I was really pissed.. I told her WTF! Is wrong with you?... Suddenly someome hits me at head with a bat... I was struck with the pain and the blurry vision ... Turned back to see who was it I could see nobody... So i neglected it, while I was talking to the teacher, again someone hit me with a bat from behind to my face, saying " Respect your teacher " I turned back walked the stairs that went to our class and saw a teacher standing there holding the bat. I got angry and tried to snatch the bat from him.. He wasn't in a mood to give up.. I punched him twice in the neck and he let go of the bat. I was furious and angry ran up to my class.. Calling my friends name over and over. That Asshole was sleeping in the last bench, ran up to him and woke him up to tell him the story.. And asked him to join me beat the teacher. He was sleepy and said don't do that.. I said fuck you and ran to the corridor where the sir was standing.. He was scared to see me with the bat, I dropped the bat in front of him and said and said him " You're a fuckin retarded asshole who beats children" and he said me that I was an asshole... I was angry and I knew he was married and had a child.. So i told him "You have a child, do you think she gonna grow up normally? No she'll grow abnormally." " It's my curse on you fucker, it's my fuckin curse on you " I said it all crying. He suddenly became gloomy and started crying... The other teacher with him said him " Hey dont worry, curses don't work" The Teacher said Yes! they do work *crying*, so the next step he took was, He jumped out of our school corridor. As we were on the top floor, I was in shock, everyone was in shock but I was shocked to my core... Ran inside my class sat at my place, numb, shocked and scared a few minutes later a notice came to the class Stating " Teacher. S has committed because of Aman ( My Name ). THE END THANKS FOR READING THIS FAR!