Witch werewolf ring

Date: 4/8/2019

By nono

I was 5 years old when I had this dream, but so vivid today. I was laying on a table, it was dark. But table was visible. Then a towering werewolf slowly tool his claws and dragged em from my upper thigh to my knees. Then it's over ,...so I think .next a witch comes out of the wall above my bed, grabs me put of bed by my shoulders and tries to pull me back into the wall with her I kept kicking n screaming til she dropped me . Then I'm outside in my driveway and I throw a ring on top of the house so she can't get it. Then I wake up. It was the most real , vivd dream I'd ever had. I run outside and look on top.of the house the best I could.and after looking at my wall, it had what was like a small crack painted over old paint . And it gave it that look. Now this was 1975 .I had never watched scary movies ,..we watched what our parents were . So I don't understand how a 5 years old could deam such things .