The Pharmacy Scandal

Date: 6/29/2017

By deliciousjello

My dream started off as Chelsea, Cassie and I at my house making some kind of clothing with different fabrics. Cassie made an odd shirt, and I made a pair of white shorts and an interesting chair. It wasn't long until the dreamscape shifted. We had gotten a new manager at Kroger who was a little unlikeable. He was another young guy fresh out of college who found being an asshole came easy. I learned that he liked to be petty as well. I was taking my last break and he called me over to discuss a piece of paper he found on the ground that he was looking to blame somebody over. It was a small ATM receipt that wasn't mine nor had any connection to me whatsoever, but he was convinced that I had something to do with it. The focus of the dream shifted to the pharmacy door. it was held shut tight by a few locks, and apparently something strange was hiding behind it. Another person, who I assume was one of my coworkers, was trying to open up the pharmacy door. I threatened him with physical violence (which isn't like me at all) were he to succeed, and the security guard next to me made a quick page over the intercom. The door opened and revealed a lit stone hallway instead of the actual pharmacy, and at the end of the hallway was an open parking structure with several cars inside and a cracked door to the right. I was followed inside by several other people: couple of older men who seemed to be some kind of authority figures and a group of people my age who were classmates or something like that. We all looked at the room with awe as if it had been the most shocking thing ever, and a little later we entered an elevator that took us back to the surface level we came from (even though we initially entered the parking structure through the pharmacy door). The area we came back to wasn't Kroger--it looked more like a larger version of my University's library. People cheered for us as we ran down the line and my manager Gary was at one of the turns passing out red tissue-paper flowers to us as we went by. There was a chain-link fence on the left side of the path we followed where people were trying their flowers onto, which we're now yellow instead of red. I did the same and then I woke up.