Moana's My Mom?

Date: 3/19/2017

By hazelnutboombox

I was sailing on a boat with a big ass pig next to me snoring and I was terrified. Soon enough I hear singing and its Moana. She walks over to me and gives me a smile and says, "Go back to bed my baby." And I look down and IM A FUCKING BABY! I try to stand up and walk but we hit a wave and I fly off the boat. Then Moai comes along as a shark and picks me up and we both get on the boat. "Mako tried to escape again, almost drowned this time. If we want our bloodline to last we can't let our babies fall off the boat." Right now I was really confused. I couldn't tell it was a dream but I was so sure of my actions and feelings. To keep me safe they shove me in one of those walking things but tie it to the boat so I just sit in this thing for a few minutes while they fish and then a storm comes. Moana is freaked the FUCK OUT! SO AM I! Moai turns into this big ass whale and grabs us in his mouth an we don't see light for a few minutes and even go upside down once in a while. The island we see when we first are freed is brown. And it has goat trees. But then it's not an island. ITS A SHIP FULL OF LETHAL BABY COCONUTS AND THEY SHOOT SO MANY ARROWS AND I CAN'T MOVE AND SAVE MYSELF! Moana grabs a shield and throws it at me but does the shittiest job at it, I get hit in the head. I start crying, this shit hurts and soon enough I'm thrown out of the boat... Yep. Remember when they said, "don't let them go off the boat..." Well they seem to have no problem THROWING ME TO MY DEATH! I'm still in the stroller thing and it sinks. I begin to not breathe and slowly things get darker. And then there's nothing. AND THEN I'M AWAKE AND SWEATY AS FUCK! And I look around, luckily not an ocean... but I was tired so I slept again.