Date: 2/21/2017

By sadinarus

So my dream started off with me running into my old house. There were snakes trying to kill me. So I ran into the house and I tried to close the front door, but the snakes were too I made the decision to let go of the door and hurry up and run towards the garage door. When i got inside the garage i pulled it closed and had to pull on it for a while til i figured out what I needed in order for me to keep the door closed. So i got a jump rope and i tied it to the the door that enters into the garage and tied it to the fridge. And i got 3 more jump ropes and tied them to the doors. The snake was so close to getting in. So I got a sharp snow shovel and two small hand shovels (i put the small ones in my pocket) and i tried to quietly open the garage door. I got it open and ran up the hill. When I looked back the snake was just getting out of the house. There was a pathway that lead to my old elementary school, but the bushes had grown some more, making it harder to get through it. But i got through. When I did i ran into this guy, i dont know who he was but he told me to run towards the back of the school and he was gonna go through the front. I told him "but the snake will be closer to me and he will see me" he just told me to keep running. So I did, I ran to the back and of course the snake was after me, so i found a door and opened it,then i found another door, but for some reason a zombie was there. I pushed it out the way and opened the other door. I found a third door and opened it, and I was in the school. It was decorated with nice, vintage and red decor. I walked in and explored the area. And i seen the guy that i bumped into earlier. And thats all O remember. THE END.