Firebenders? New house ? Downtown? Cop!!

Date: 8/17/2019

By EMorettiN

Waterbenders invading fire nation palace. Ppl were leaving. Water bending looked like blue orbs, fire Bender’s red orbs. We were winning with such little resistance. Someone beat my ass with some yellow shit though?? Not lightning I woke up and we just moved into a new house in downtown Raleigh, it was weird, long hallway with doors on each side, first door was Brandon bedroom, then Joseph had two bedrooms, then mine, stairs r in Joseph bedroom, down to weird open room. No kitchen. Cop outside window He comes in puts handcuff buzzer on my stomach (I’m just hungry lmao) and I kept asking Joseph to record bc he was there but he kept failing!!! Unreliable ass Takes me outside then friends show up all around then I woke up