Fair Food

Date: 9/5/2019

By BollyMeth33

I had a dream that I was in this dark, dusty house. It was dark outside. I'm not sure what brought it on, but suddenly there were at least six men with guns looking for me. Not cool gangsters or old mobsters, but these redneck men with shotguns and shit. It seemed like there were a million different entry ways into the house and a lot of places to hide because I was running around corners into different doors and rooms of the house evading these men. Very occassionaly would they spot me, but they never caught me. I remember slipping past this one dude and rushing into the garage and running down the steps, slipping into small storage bin and sliding the lid over me before a different set of guys walked into the room behind me. I was some sort of liquid ninja. I was never scared that they would get me. And then I think I escaped outside finally and it seemed like the men weren't chasing me anymore. There was this huge muddy pit outside from the rain. I slid down into it and shortly after, these two boys and a girl slid down after me. I guess they were my neighbor friends and we hung out in the pit a lot. My girlfriend was talking about this creepy dude who always tried to assault her and I had never met him, but I already didn't like him. Suddenly, we're in a car and were grown up and there's a man with us, who is talking to my girl about something that I can't remember. Everyone tells me it's the creepy guy. I started being a bitch to him and I remember him being a huge pushover so I said, "go out the window right now. Get out of here, you stupid bitch. Nobody wants you here." And I was just being super mean to him and he hesitated because the window was open only a crack, but be still attempted to go through it. I eventually rolled it down all the way and pushed him out of it. I remember seeing him against the dark street, his legs tumbling over his head and him hitting his head really hard. I didn't care. So, then my friend announces that we're going to the fair and I see the signs approaching and I say "no I can't go right now. I have to go home and change. I forgot my gun." And then my friends start going off like "We're not into that. You don't need your gun." And I'm like "I need to protect myself." And then I finally say "Just take me home. You guys go to the fair." And everyone is upset with me because we live far away from the fair and we were almost there. I don't remember anything happening after that. The end.