A School Escape

Date: 6/26/2017

By dreamingj

It's kind of blurry and I might have to edit this when the details become clearer, but I remember something was wrong with the school where we all had to evacuate, and I yelled for everyone to leave. I don't remember what the danger was right now, but we needed to leave. Then these alternative versions of DC's Legends of Tommorow popped up, but I really only remember firestorm. I then asked one of the superheroes that could control electricity what the opposite of electricity is, and for whatever reason my sleeping brain said power... ANYWAYS, he grab this orb of some sort that was part of the problem or the whole problem, I don't know, and he was going to break it down, but it wasn't working. So a whole bunch of other superheroes jumped in to try to help, but it wasn't working. Then something happened where we became more confident and powerful and the orb was destroyed and I don't remember anything after that, except that was supposed to be a good thing. I left out a few details because I'm not exactly sure on how they fit in, and I can't remember everything that happened right now.