Movielike dream

Date: 6/29/2017

By skyr12

Starts with guy who looks entering someone's house. House is "Rin's". The guy likes Rin and wants to marry her and vice versa.However, another guy,"Lee", also wants the same thing. Rin has to choose between the Two. She initially chooses the guy, much to Lee's dismay. The guy plays tricks/messes with Lee. Everything seems to be ok. However, the guy doesn't really want to get married at the time and didn't get ready. However Lee did and Rin goes with Lee. The guy tries to stop the car a a fight ensues between Lee and the guy. At the end of it, Rin and the guy are walking near an animal hospital. Animals are her passion and she and the guy go in. The hospital is in bad shape. It's understaffed and the waiting list is long so people are leaving. Rin decides to volunteer her services to the hospital as in the updates field(don't remember the name) as she overheard that that was a position that was needed. The guy, wanting to change his ways, said he would invest his full power to help. Afterwards, they walked out toward an Asian buffet restaurant for dinner, the same buffet that was going to be the reception venue for the wedding. The wedding was called off and the guy and Rin walk towards the restaurant where they talk and laugh.