Pet Bats, Alien Toy Store

Date: 7/26/2017

By Fitful

I had pets bats, or I was in a place where there were many bats and they were all quite taken with me. They didn't fly about like you see in movies with people shrieking, instead three nestled in my hand fast asleep. They opened their eyes sleepy as I wondered why they weren't hung upside down to sleep. I realized they were too happy they way they were, one tucked into a ball, the other two propped up against the first. And they were wrapped up tight in their wings, but right side up, and not clutching on to anything. I thought they were so sweet. I used magick to project a shrunken version of myself small enough to hug them. I hugged them and they were larger than me now and felt soft and warm. Their breath nestled in my hair like puppies breath, sweet and softly. I loved them very much, not just the three in my left hand but the rest in the room around me. ~ I was on a mission with a group of privateers who had agreed to it. It was like something out of a sci-fi movie or game, or even an rpg. We all were over qualified for something. We brought along magic users even and ended up on this dark grey and black world. The magick users were annoying, spoiled little girls who were bratty and demanding. Well one was very awful. She had a lot of pencil cases with her for some reason. We hid our supplies and the body of an alien woman in a fake pyramid which looked like the other pyramids scattered over the surface of this world. They were small, about knee high, and they mission was i think to put the alien woman someplace so it looks like she was there all along, plus something else. The effect of the magick was cool, it was a pyramid, then it wasn't. Someone kept flipping back and forth to see the effect properly. I worried about cameras seeing it and thought it was stupid to switch in front of the cameras without disrupting them first. I made friends with some native guy who wanted to know if I'd surrogate his offspring. Apparently it was a done thing, and honorable, and i said I would be open to doing something like that someday I didn't want any kids now. I was really alarmed by the idea of having a kid like the bratty magick user. She was really behaving badly. Another guy took me somewhere, I think the mission had begun. I got along better with him, the other guy was creepy to me after that offer. I ended up getting kidnapped or spending some time loving underwater. Or some knight type of alien was living underwater trying to undermine our mission. It was awesome to see the underwater part, like standing on a ship beneath the water and not feeling scared of the depth at all. Even the memories of being above kinda blurred. Finally the guy takes me on a secret mission just for me into the woods and then finally to a toy store. It's full of sentient plushie aliens. In fact every toy is alive. I study them and they remind me of a toy I have at home (in the dream) and I keep trying to see if my toy is here, a grumpy female nanny type toy. The brand name of the toys is Prince Norette. It night also be the name of the toy store. I know my mission here and I keep waiting for it to happen. I'm a little nervous and I keep flinching waiting for them to attack. They don't so the suspense keeps growing. I'm here to be impregnated by them in some group rape ritual. Not sure why I agreed to it, or if it's even possible. I mean, they're made of stuffing? How does that even work. I think a lot of disparaging thoughts and wonder at the silliness. I almost wake myself up arguing about the plot of the dream. They guy is on edge too, he's here to keep me safe but as they dont attack he gets more twitchy. We wander through the toy store as they all come alive and look at me, and the toy store really is wonderful. It's like being in some childhood magic dream or fairy tale. The shelves are stocked with boxes toys and it has that magical air which makes you catch your breath. ~ I told myself I needed to learn apparition, like in Harry Potter, so I can go to the really nice grocery store which is too far away. It was a really nice grocery store and it took two hours to get to by walking.