The Drug Tree Guardian

Date: 4/21/2019

By oregon

This begins with a caterpillar swinging from vine to vine. It kept colliding with cocoons. After a while, it collided into a unusual cocoon. It had no caterpillar inside. Instead, it was full of tobacco. The dream pans to a tree that looks like it has leaves. It doesn't. The tree has been dead for a long time but is decorated with things that make it look alive. Tobacco plants, grape vines, and weed. The day was dark and the sky was a light grey, like it was about to rain. It was cold and windy. I saw a moose ram into the tree and knock some green grapes down. It ate all of them. There was a vulture that lived in the tree. There were originally three animals that lived by the tree but now it was the only one. Alongside it's dead trunks were the bones of two big mammals. The tree was between a remote looking shore and a smooth cliff. I walked along the beach with my cousin Jimmy and a nameless friend. If I got too close to the shore and if the tree was close enough, the vulture would attack me. A man who was in a boat out at sea began chasing after us, and the tides were getting higher. The tides got so high that eventually we ran up against the cliff. When the man gave up chasing us we ran back. The vulture started talking to us. We were talking about the places we had been to. "I was at your aunt's funeral." The vulture was very ugly. It's eyes were white with no pupils. It was covered in bruises and blood and splotches. Its talons were made of metal. I saw a light so I went into it. It was coming from the cliff. It lead me to a warm staircase that looked light the one in my grandparents' basement. There were pictures on the cream colored walls and they looked beautiful. I called for Jimmy and my friend but they wouldn't come.