Date: 5/25/2019

By anri319

The dream appeared to be in the future and i was in a VR game. Actually, considering what i saw, saying game would be underrated. It should be called a real "virtual reality" without the word game. In this VR world, people could buy houses, travel, enjoy the different luxuries of life. Just imagine a place like the Oasis in the novel or the movie Ready Player One, that was how it looked like. The world was the internet, not the 2D internet that you saw on your laptop screen anymore but a 3D image that is directly projected in your eyes. I was just a girl, in my teen i guessed. But i was not a normal person who would just nicely log in and go hang out with friends. I was somewhat like a hacker, i entered the VR world to explore. I remembered i was in an old building and it was morning in the VR, the sunlight shined through the holes on the wall. In front of me was a balcony and outside was a garden. I was there with my friend and we were looking for a "way in". My friend here, he was rather mysterious. We went to the same school, same class, but actually i believed i did not know much about him. When i started to find my way out of the system and began to make my first step into the deeper floors. Then, he was already there. After a while, we managed to infiltrate the system. It was a hallway with plain gray metal walls. We kept walking and at the end was a huge room with a lot of screens and a control panel. On the other side of the room was a window that takes up a whole wall looking out into the space. I saw a virtual plane model together with a massive number of weapons in different sizes.  I went to check around while my friend was extracting the data from the control panel. When we were almost done with the data transferring, we knew someone was coming. My friend pulled me with him and we hid behind a fake window door. He pushed me sink into the wall then covered us up so that no one could see. Then i saw a fancy-looking door appeared, two people came in. Right after entering, they immediately split to check around the room. Seeing that, i was worried but my friend was different, he was rather calm. Then, the girl, she found us. But it appeared to me that my friend just did not even bother to hide anymore. The two uninvited guests seemed to be really happy to see us, or just my friend to be specific. The guy shook my hand with a light smile and the girl gave me a hug. It turned out that they were old companions until recently. Then my friend decided that he would work alone and they split. I made some new friends, especially the girl, she pull me to a corner to chat while the guys do their jobs. She told me stories of when the three were still a team, about my friend also. And apparently, everyone knew me as his secret apprentice who he tried so hard to hide. Before we left the place, the two made sure that we kept in contact. My "teacher" took me back right after the persuasion with his old companions. Though he agreed, he did not seem very pleased with the decision. Then, the dream ended.