Mister Handsome Blond Man (lucid?? help??)

Date: 2/15/2017

By caitlynmarie3

I'm re-writing this after deciphering my 4:00 am gibberish I wrote in my notes so please bear with me (ALSO IT'S REALLY LONG IM SORRY) 18+ bc there's a lot of sex in the beginning, my dude. Also note: is it possible for a dream to become lucid like...mid-dream? It's hard to explain but I'll do my best. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it. I dreamt that I was working undercover for an agency trying to get info on some mysterious men. I had two agents working with me, and we were at a banquet of sorts spying on these three men. The banquet was fancy, ball gowns, champagne, the works. They were playing bingo though, and my friend Shane irl was the person calling the numbers. Agent #1 (the brunette one with big boobs) was talking to suspect #1, and she basically blew our cover. Frantic, agent 1 offered to sleep with suspect 1, right then and there. Forgetting about the agent part, suspect 1 was like "alright, hell yeah" and they started having sex...in the middle of the banquet...surrounded by people. Agent 1 may have blown our cover, but now she was blowing that man he sure as hell wasn't complaining. Everyone just kind of rolled their eyes at the fucking happening in the middle of the room and went back to bingo. I got some champagne and groaned, running into suspect #2. He was very tall, blond with stubble, and his green eyes were just...captivating. He offered to dance with me and kissed my hand, and I agreed. We danced for a while, and wow was he a flirt. Next part of the dream I was leaving the banquet with agent #1 (who was EXHAUSTED) and agent #2 (who had one glass of champagne too many) and I had to drive them. We needed to go to the next town (Dubitsgarten? Durbitsgarten? It was a weird town name) and while driving on old back-roads, we were almost hit by a car. The driver of that car yelled at us, and then I "woke up." Now, this is when it gets weird. I say "woke up" because I legitimately thought I was awake. Everything was normal for the most part, I woke up in my bed, texted my friend Shane wanting to go get breakfast, and then we left (this is like...everyday routine tbh) The thing is, I said to him "hey, you were in my dream last night! You were the bingo person that calls the numbers!" As we walked to his car. I explained my entire dream, and then he laughed and said "what a coincidence! I wanted to take you to Durbitsgarten(?) for breakfast today!" I'm like "say what, but that place isn't real..." I don't know the first thing about lucid dreaming, but at this point, I was fully aware that this had to be a dream. I knew I was dreaming, because I knew that town didn't exist. I was so aware of what was going on, and it was really bizarre. I was so confused because I was so convinced I had woken up! I tried to pay attention to my surrounding, trying to understand that I was in a dream. The sky was more white than blue, even though the sun was shining. My arms and legs seemed thinner and longer than normal. I was perplexed. I rode in Shane's car (which btw, was a different car than he has irl...) asking him mundane things that irl Shane would know (how's work going? Is your mom still sick?) and we just made small talk the whole way there. When Shane and I arrived in Whatever-garten, we went to a little cafe identical to the small one in my hometown. The blond man, suspect #2, was there drinking coffee, much to my surprise. He complimented my sundress and asked me if we've met somewhere. I didn't know how to answer and joked "Maybe once upon a dream." Shane said he wanted to go visit his mom, and suspect #2 asked if I would stay and have a chat with him. I said yes, sitting with him and ordering hot chocolate. Suspect #2 is such a flirt. It was a really cute date to be honest. It got to the point that he wanted my phone number, and i went to get my cell phone out of my pocket, and the screen was just...white. Like, no text, no matter what I did, the screen was white. I told him I just could not give my number to him...but that I really enjoyed his company and I hoped to see him again. He was sad, but seemed to understand. I told him that I needed to leave, the bricks on the floor on the inside of the cafe were giving me a headache (though I don't remember why?) He said he would walk me out. We walked outside and admired the flowers outside the cafe. He thanked me for being his breakfast date, and wondering how the dream would play out, I stood on my tip-toes and kissed him. He's a gorgeous man that pulled me in close and kissed me tenderly and it was just...nice. "I hope I'll see you around." He said sweetly, but kind of sadly, before heading back inside. I had a very distinct thought of "well, I guess it's time to wake up now" as I walked down the street. And I did. I woke up for real this time. I'm not sure if this was just a weirdly specific dream that I'm remembering, or if this really did count as a lucid dream? I not sure, but one thing is for certain: I never got the mysterious mister handsome blond man's name...