The one where G-Dragon beat up Leslie

Date: 8/1/2017

By KilgoreTrout

So I'm not sure exactly where it began, but the first thing I remember was running through my campus and chasing these two cats. I wasn't doing it to scare them or anything, I was kind of just running to follow them, and then I see these two other girls chasing them as well, so I say something like "Oh, you chasing the cats too, huh?" Then they stop running and look at me like I'm a freak, but I just keep running. I do quit after some time though because I feel like I'm scaring the cats. From here I don't remember exactly what happens. The next thing I remember, I was in a parking lot at night with Leslie, and there's this guy out there that I somehow know is trying to kill us. So I'm trying to sneak around cars and stuff, but Leslie is being noisy and not sneaky at all, and I'm afraid that he'll see her and then me because we're together. The whole time we're looking for my car so we can drive away. The bad guy is in this red truck with black stripes down the top part of the hood. We knew that his truck was at one side of the parking lot at one point, which somehow also meant that he was definitely over there with it. Then when we're hiding between two cars, Leslie pokes her head out and looks in his direction, then stands up completely and steps out of the line of cars to look around. Then she tells me that his truck is now on the same side of the parking lot as my car. So I'm like, "What??" Wondering what we can do now. Anyways, I look at Leslie again and there's a guy with her (GD from BigBang I think), and they're fighting, but not really hitting each other. Leslie gets under this sort of awning on the side of a building - GD followed her over there, and he pulls out some chairs (pinkish - purple ones that collapse like camping chairs) from above her out of nowhere and hits her over the head with them. She passes out. He calmly goes to sit against this brick wall. He never seemed to see me even though I was like 4 feet away. Then we hear gunshots from across the parking lot, and I just know... this guy has shot up a freaking Taco Bell. No doubt. Leslie then wakes up, not sure if it was from the noise or what. The next thing I remember is us (Leslie, Mira, Carson, Chase Jones, and myself) in the dorm building. Hanson maybe. We go up a bunch of stairs, and its almost like Hanson's actual staircase except the ceilings are lower, so we have to sort of crouch as we go up. So we go up some stairs and get to the highest floor and get in a room to hide. The rest of the building is empty, like deserted empty, so I tell Chase to go back downstairs and lock every door of every room so that if the guy comes inside trying to find us he'll have a harder time. He says he'll do it, so I tell him to go to the bottom of the staircase and listen before he opens the door, and if he hears a noise to run back up the stairs to us. He says OK and leaves. The rest of us get into a room together. First thing, the dorm room looks like my room, but with more lights. So me and (I think) Leslie go to the windows to see if we can get out that way somehow, and the first window we check is facing the Taco Bell, and I freak out thinking that the guy could have seen us and found out where we were, but I don't think he did. The next window isn't facing anything of much importance to me. Maybe a parking lot. Then we go to sit down with the others - Chase still not back I noticed - and I ask Carson to turn off the lights so that it won't be obvious which room we're in if the guy figures it out. He turns off a light and moves to turn off another, so I turn to Mira and ask to use her phone since mine got lost along the way somewhere. She gave it to me, and I was debating whether to call my mom or the police. I ended up calling my mom (genius) to tell her to come and get us out so we can live, you know? But she answers and just starts talking about something irrelevant, and I'm panicking again because Carson is now laying on the bed and all of the lights are on. I'm basically crying telling him that he needs to turn them off so that the guy won't find us and kill us. I think I woke up here about. There was also this other part of the dream that I remembered, but I don't know where it fell order-wise. It was just a small part where this small person (not like someone with dwarfism, just a little, anatomically correct person) riding around on a skateboard outside of the building we were in, and we could see him through glass doors or something. People were looking and pointing and talking, and I told my mom that the kid was actually in like 8th grade, or that he was 18 (can't remember which). That's all I remember.