Scary Roller Coaster

Date: 9/27/2019

By ItsABlackCat

I had this dream where me, my parents, my siblings, my aunt/uncle and my cousins all went to this self-proclaimed ‘amazing haunted roller coaster’ thing before Halloween. I remember I was nervous because I had been on the ride before and it was fine, but I didn’t know if they had changed it since I last went. My siblings / cousins hadn’t been so they were looking up to me to be the strong, unafraid one, so I had to pretend I wasn’t worried. When we got there we were in this waiting room of people that was a repurposed dining hall. I saw this kid from school that I didn’t know v well sitting at a table and pretended I didn’t see him bc I didn’t wanna have to have an awkward conversation. However my family, of course, chose the same table as him and his family. So I ended up having to talk to him, which wasn’t as awkward as I’d thought it would be but it was still weird since we didn’t really know each other. Then it was my family’s turn to go. There was this teenage girl who came alone and since the carts hold five, she went with me, my brother and sister, and my two younger cousins. She looked maybe a year or two older than me which calmed me down and frightened me even more at the same time. On one hand, she seemed chill which helped to calm me down. On the other hand, she was kinda cute which made me afraid of looking like an idiot in front of her. The ride started and it was basically a roller coaster set in these dark cave-like structures, each having a different Halloween ‘theme.’ The first had giant spiders and clicking sounds and webs and stuff, we went through a dark patch and emerged at the second room, which had skeletons and bones rattling and stuff, etc. I was worried something would come up that would scare me, but I didn’t get scared the entire time. I actually enjoyed the roller coaster part too, it was fun.