Have you ever looked at someone the differently and felt awkward after a sexual dream you had once?

Date: 5/3/2017

By madnewman13😼

Have you ever had a sexual dream with someone you know like... I don't know... Having sex with your crush? I'm pretty sure we have all had those kinds of dreams. But have you ever see them the next day or some other time recently and feel awkward around them after the dream and FEEL that they almost knew you had that dream? Because it happened to I a few days ago and I was just like ... 😬😅😳😗 to my crush every time he looked at me. It just was ... Like he knew I had that dream! UGH the thought bothers me. Let me know if the same thing has ever happened to you! Cos whenever it happens to me, I always act weird and awkward with that person for however long I think about the dream! 😳😗