Rescued a kitten

Date: 6/22/2021

By Purple

I had a dream that I was following a very cute kitten who is meowing. I realized I was on someone’s private property, but followed the kitten anyway. The kitten was over some kind of hole and somehow lost his balance. In the nick of time, I rescued the kitten from falling into that abyss. It was a trench that was about 8 inches wide and a few feet deep. Suddenly I spotted the lady who owned the property and I told her about that hold up the kitten was about to fall in. She thanked me for rescuing the kitten. There was another kitten nearby most likely from the same litter. She asked me if I was interested in adopting any of the kittens. I told her that I couldn’t because they currently have two rescues that I am taken care of and if I had the money I would, but it’s hard for me as it is. I reminded her again about the danger of that trench and hopefully she was going to do something to fix it. Dream ended.