Which room will you pick? A trip to Whitby

Date: 4/16/2019

By LucyElla

Leon my boyfriend was at my house and he has this necklaces that has always wears and lost the charm of it he thought he lost it in my garden so I went and looked for it but then a few minutes later he came outside and told me he had found it so we went into the living room he sat down and I was moving a few stuff around and sat next to him but he said something I couldn't hear so I told him that my ear has blocked up again meaning he'll have to talk louder, later I asked him if he use to watch the tellitubies when he was little and which was his favourite one he said Stephanie which i think is everyones secret favourite mine was Poe. We were suddenly outside with my family I think walking around Whitby it was a really sunny day and me and Leon were talking about just dance I has 2 or 3 that I got really good at because I would memorize the dance but i couldn't remember what the names were so I ran to Sophie and asked her what they were so I could tell Leon I was walking back to him when Gina from Brooklyn 99 came up to me the world sort of went into a state of dream and no one seemed to see or hear me I saw Leon and I went to talk to him but Gina told me he didn't care about what just dance I was best at so she didn't know why I bothered then Leon walked away as I was trying to get his attention and Gina told me she has prepared 4 rooms for me each room was for a just dance I was good at and has the singer in and I had to see which one I connected to. The first room was Jacksepticeye but i told her he was a YouTuber so we moved on to the next room it was a old looking room maybe from the Victorian times it had the singer in there with 3 children two twin girls and a boy the twin girls were happy and spoke joint sentences but the boy warned me he was not happy there but was stuck the singer put this thing on the table it has a little door she opened it, I was in the garden and big willow trees looked over the whole garden meaning no light could get through there was a washing line made out of wood I asked Gina why she said so they could use the family airloom which was wooden at the top with a sharp blade then as the view ran down the stick it became more plastic looking with a big bow around the middle of it. Suddenly I got shot in the head and fell to the floor I woke up back in the kitchen with the children and the door it was like time had gone back to that moment I ran out the house I knew that was not the one for me we so moved onto the next one. The dream then jumped back to my house I went into the livingroom to see if Leon was there and he was asleep on the sofa with a blanket over him so I tried to wake him up buy didn't want to scare you luckly he woke so I gave him a hug and told him all about my dream and that I had to go through all there rooms and he wouldn't hear me when I tried to talk to him then I woke up.