Baptismal Water Tanks at City Temple

Date: 6/25/2017

By fluffytree

Not too many dreams lately but today I just remembered finding myself somewhere at the City Temple church and trying to get out of it cos I'm super bored. There's a baptismal happening but it won't go on too long and after that they'll have the benediction/farewell for the service. I can't stand crowds so I really wanna get out before that happens. I seem to not be in the sanctuary but in some lobby outside of it. At the end of the room I see 4 big glass tubes filled with water running from the ceiling into the floor. They look like the stasis tanks you see people held in in sci-fi movies really. Occasionally I'll see water being flushed downwards in some of them and I assume it's either someone using the bathroom or the water being used for the baptismal. The dream then skips in time a bit and I'm standing in the crowded lobby where I run into Sheldon M, my old friend and classmate. We don't talk much about anything special but during this I do randomly get glimpses of an egg omelette. Maybe I'm hungry but I end up waking up afterwards.