The Runaway Murder Camp

Date: 1/27/2017

By SuperRosePose

This one is a recurring dream, and pretty complicated. So we are at a Summer Camp, and, as always we decide to sneak out into the woods. We hear some lovely music and decide to follow it. When we get close to the source, it stops and we are at a gorgeous lake. Imagine the most beautiful lake with a waterfall you ever will see. Obviously we dive in, clothes and all. Suddenly, we each get bit, figuring it was a leech we shrugged it off and kicked it off. After we decide to leave, we hear weird banjo/guitar music, and start running faster. We get lost along the way, and find ourselves in an abandoned shed. Somehow the music can still find us. It was then that we looked at our ankles and see that a chip was punctured into us, not unlike a dog tracker chip. We start freaking out, and see a saw in the shed. We immediately saw off our Achilles, and run (the best we can), north, towards the road. We have a police car take us back to camp, explain everything. Our ankles are magically fine at this point, and the cop shrugs it off as us being scared. Back at camp we see another group of girls sneak out, soon after we hear beautiful music. We stayed in bed crying.