Jack Gilinsky didn’t wanna have sex with me

Date: 4/6/2019

By levinelover

I spent the day with Jack Gilinsky as fan. At the end of the day, he called a taxi and I was positive me and him were gonna take it and go back to a hotel together, where we’d have sex and he’d take my virginity (not knowing I was a virgin). The taxi came and I got in, then Jack closed the door behind me and didn’t get in. The expectation for us to have sex was pretty strong so I was surprised! I looked at him though the window and he looked disappointed and uneasy as he called another taxi for himself. I asked the taxi driver how much the ride to thornhill would cost, and he said $100! I told him “you do realize I could take an Uber to the same place for only $20 right..” There’s no way I’m paying this I’ll just take an Uber! It was kinda awkward knowing I’d have to get out of the taxi, but I did. I went home to my room and my friends were over, Ahnika, Pariza and that group. There were sooo many desserts that we are, including lava cakes, and for some reason I lost my appetite after eating half of each treat and there were so many half eaten desserts cause I just lost my appetite to finish them. Half eaten point cake lava cake treats in my room with Pariza Anika