Date: 5/1/2017

By Tadareme

I was in a mountain range with a lake in the middle. There was my dad and a person I don't know about. I was going to fight a guy on the boat in the middle of the lake. Somehow I was able to run on water. SUPER FAST. Everybody had a pellet gun but the bullets were long like a pencil and some were like shotgun bullet. I charged super fast towards the boat while shooting this weird gun. The man went down but I got shot in my arm and the muscle opened up so I was able to see the bone. It was flapping and barely hanging on my bone. That's when I woke up to go to washroom. I started sleeping again and the dream starts. This time I was in some Chinese restaurant with my family but also the same guy who I fought with before was there too. All of the sudden I could see my right arm ( which is the one I got shot ) is swelled up like a water melon and it's about to explode. I quickly cut open my arm like I would take out a gut from a fish. When I opened up my skin, this black blood poured out from the inside and I saw around 50 dead snakes and frog just packed in my arm. But I didn't freak out and started to take out dead creatures while trying to avoid hitting my bone. Once I got around the back of the bone there was none left. At this moment I needed to put my skin together so I was looking for a long rubber gloves. I biked around the neighbourhood while gripping the skin together trying not to dry out the bone. When I finally found one in the slump I quickly put it on. That's when I woke up. I can still feel it inside.