Icarly, potholes, youtube comments, kpop

Date: 8/8/2017

By jujuwonthatbeat

in another city with my family but lots of storms. my aunt was there but there was no electricity so she was looking for money and a way to do stuff at our city and how to get back and we were suddenly at the airport and then talking but then i sat down next to someone and indecisive about the place to sit in and i leaned back. Then suddenly I had appearantly acted in icarly when I was little. I was sitting next to sam and in front of freddy and then I asked them if they rememebered me and they said yes. I told freddy he was cute and i said i had a crush on him in elementary school. Sam said me too. Then I was filming this video to attatch onto icarly but then there was this flash where I had silver lions and they where really ungly but i could see the different eyes and it was night. Every school had a part that was broadcasted to that region, and every people from each country huddled in groups across the grey greek collumn area and the koreans were last but me and ashash laughed but we didnt say anything because we didntt want to mess it up and reshoot the scene. In the youtube comments later, My closest friend said a bunch of ppl are pretty and oh juju is pretty but tbh everyone else was ugly. Then i was in this car with these men the church parkinglot and we appearantly were kinda immoral and the guy chasing us was good and needed to do something. He looked familiar. My door wouldnt close but as we were speeding away he noticed that. he grabbed onto it and would not let go ans the he went om top of the car we sppED Up lmao and then he got in front of the car and i was so scared he would get run over. we saw a train in the other lane and then slowed down another part of it fell into a pothole, the ground opeende into a huge wave in front of us and we narrowly avoided it. all of a sudden the driver next to me became changhyun from akmu and we were both "smart" so we were avoiding potholes but also sometimes harmlessly getting blasted by them. and then i was walking through them myself with other people it was rlpy wet and disgusting and then i woke u0