Date: 5/10/2017

By Isaac231

Some how I died, not sure how but I did. I wasn't aware at the time, only that I was standing in a long line and I didn't know why. An angel was going by and I asked it. Am I dead? And it said yes. Then I said, but I know at one point I was saved, I messed up a lot but shouldn't i go to heaven. Then the angel said you will go where you need to be. So I was standing in line for awhile. Then out of no were, people shouted congratulations to us. That's all they said was congrats. So I thought we were going to heaven. The line of people started walking to this huge pyramid. It was a very dark almost crimson red brick. The filling was a dark grey and each brick was very coarse. We went inside the pyramid and it was massive and hollow. I assumed it was like a waiting room. People started asking the angels when we are going to heaven. They started becoming very short with us with each passing moment. To the point they were rude. So I started walking around the perimeter and it looked like solid brick all around. No doors or windows at all. Eventually I found a room or something, it was perfectly flush with the wall, it looked like an illusion. I went through the opening and there was a door to a different room. I went inside and there was a window. I looked through and it was showing the outside. We were not in the same place we came in. The sky was a deep pink, almost read. It was gloomy out but no sun or visible clouds. The grass looked alive but the color was so messed up, It looked dead. Then, there was a river. It looked so red I thought it was blood, but you can see through it and it wasn't viscous. There were what appeared to be very pale fish swimming in this river with the current. Then, I saw it. This massive creature. It was completely blank, nothing to suggest gender, except it's head. The head was a giant mouth. The mouth opened vertical from the top down the sides. Inside the mouth were tons of jagged teeth, rows upon rows of teeth. It had a long forked tongue. The mouth was so dark as if it sucked everything in, including light. The only thing you could see was the white teeth and the deep red tongue. All of the sudden, the creature plunged into the river with its mouth wide open. Ate all the fish in that spot, only then did I realized, the fish were people. It ate every single one of them in one bite. I freaked out and ran out of the room. By then the angels were vicious, becoming violent and aggressive. I gathered people up to try and escape from the now demons in the pyramid. We escaped some how and went outside. The sky become like a blood red. Pine trees surrounded us. There needles dark and they all were exactly the same. They all started branching out at the same point and had no knots. People were running around screaming in terror. Demons were chasing them with multicolored spears. As the demons would run, the light from the spears seemed to trail behind them. All the while having people scream. You could here different voices crying out in agony. Some in deep pain, others in depression and torture. I ran as fast as I could, but the forest wouldn't end. I ran in and out of rooms outside trying to lose the demons chasing me. I eventually got back to the pyramid and learned they can't get inside without knowing the pass code to open the door. I knew the password from watching some of the other demons. I was about to go back in when I woke up from the dream. It felt to real in what happen