On the Roof

Date: 6/16/2017

By Priscilla

I was on the roof, there were many other kids on it as well. It was slanted and I was on the edge. It must've been a class. Kids were walking on the roof but I clung to the floor out of fear. They kept passing me faster and faster. The more that passed me the closer to the edge I became. Two kids pushed passed me, and I almost fell off the roof, holding on now with one hand. I screamed and cried as I crawled. I felt embarrassment because everyone had crawled passed this roof. I saw the parents and they were angry at me because I pushed their kids. I screamed at them wildly saying your kids tried to kill me. I then ended up on an elevator where I had a new task. I was in charge of cleaning boats. However these boats were miniature and required ice for some reason.