Date: 5/27/2017

By teqchmehowtoluciddreamplease

Target dream: I wake up from my bedroom, and wander into the kitchen to see my mom dad and gmother doing a Mickey mouse puzzle. It's cold, and the floor is sticky. I walk out the front door as no one notices me. I walk down the wet grass to the left, and lay down. I then feel the ground to sort of lift up, and all of a sudden it's like I am experiencing zero gravity. I have a sinking feeling, and I feel my body lift into the air about 4 feet. I am floating slowly high above the cities, not being able to control how fast I am going. I feel weightless as my body gently glides through the city. It is noisy, and resembles new york. The zero g stops, and I fall to the ground. The end Real dream(hope it's lucid!!: It's not lucid. I was in peter Griffin's front yard and there were dead bodies wrapped in army blankets lined up. I knew all of them