Black Cat Tattoo

Date: 6/11/2017

By seascarlet

I was on the phone with Jeff, telling him I was at a tattoo parlor, and I was going to get my tattoo touched up. A big deal, because I haven't touched it up or anything since I got it in London when I was 17. Irl it's a small black inverted cross on my left hip, but in the dream it was a small black cat that strongly resembled Luna from Sailor Moon. In my memory it was just a cat though, with no particular meaning behind it. At first I was considering changing it somehow, but then I decided I just wanted it touched up. As the artist was preparing it, I remembered that I have a rash everywhere right now because I got curious about self tanning and my skin horribly revolted. Unfortunately true irl. I mentioned it to the artist and she said yeah, I should wait. Before I left, I went and sat down in a waiting room that had a comic sitting on one of the tables. In the comic was the cat from my tattoo! I'd had it so long I'd forgotten it was actually a character named Silo from a story I knew in the dream but have forgotten now.