Game Show Network

Date: 1/24/2017

By aimeegirl88

She went to Target and get some clothes and toys to be and we went to claw machine and get Elmo and Cookie Monster to give up. She was going to Sesame Street and stay where you are. She was watching Sesame Street and stay in moms bedroom. She wanted me to be getting stuffed Big Bird to me. She was going to Richie Rich and stay for a long time and we could eat Valentine's candies as well. You could go to Darden restaurant and eat. She was going on outings and we could visit The Little Mermaid and you have to go to the ball and we must have fun and as we go and see what happens when you get to see you soon enough for the rest of the best thing ever and we could have ceiling fan falling down and we could fixing together and we could drive around and we could have been around and we could exercise and have fun. She was alone in the dark. She was going to be having fun.