Meeting Bishop Dag Heward-Mills

Date: 9/8/2019

By UniqueStarque

I sat through a sermon, and had a strong desire to speak with Bishop personally. The next day I find Aliya there, so I get ready to sit with her but I notice Bishop walking by so I leave her and quickly go up to him and introduce myself with a firm handshake. I'm shaking with either nervousness not excitement. I introduce myself as a first love leader and share a vision I had. In the vision I saw sharp and bold zebra striped pattern, and a voice that said "by my stripes you are healed." This caught his attention, so I walked and talked with him a while and then we exchanged numbers. Later that same day before the camp had returned to their seats, I was walking through an area with a door on my left and a door on my right. Bishop walked through the left door with his guards and people, but they went through the right spot before I got to that point and did not see me. As I walked through the area, Bishop and myself caught eye contact and we smiled and nodded, I kepted walking, even though I had an opportunity to talk with him, because at this point we had gotten to know each other and are somewhat close. He sees me walking towards the front row seats if the camp, where all the important people sit, and I put my sweater in the seat next to his so I can save a spot. He walks over and noticed the sweater. He is not offended but feeling quite honored I'm comfortable enough to do so. But then he says, he feels like the devil will try to use that fact that I'm sitting next to him to distract other people during the camp (or something else bad) so he asked if I wouldn't mind moving it over a seat so it wouldn't be a problem. I can still sit on the first row. I say yes sir, no problem. And easily move my sweater to save a different spot on the front row. He is appreciative. He appriciates how swiftly I was to listen to him then he leaves. I sigh contently or say something under my breath, then I notice a wedding is taking place and my brother is among the men standing in the front (keep in mind I'm in the front by the seats myself). He shushes me and seems quite fixed on the wedding going smoothly and nothing being interupted. So I leave. Content. As I later sat in the front row near bishop, people saw the camera screen and were surprised to see me up there. This dream felt so incredibly well I felt I had actually the dream with the stripes and had actually met Bishop. I woke with the feeling, if I were to share the dream with him then he would speak with me/get to know me personally.