Story of a life pt 1

Date: 8/16/2017

By StoryTimeDreams

it starts with me fighting a character named Dylan in my old intermediate school. then the day ends and he says "ill catch you later". when i get home my mom and dad are not there but they are replaced by, oddly enough, SoringTrap from five nights at Freddy's and an unknown character. i go to my room and drop my stuff and hide under a cardboard box that had been covered in doodles and writing i cant read. later on SpringTrap comes in and hides under the box ruminates too. he complements my drawings and we fall asleep. the next morning there where a group of sonic charters that take high value on their art and fighting skills. i fight them in protest for them bullying a kid and they are impressed on my fighting skills and i tell them "i can draw really good too". They offered me to join their group if i show them my art. i try to show my digital art but they say that the digital media is not art. then i show them my traditional art but they say its not mine. then it gets fuzzy. the fuzziness stops and shows SpringTrap finding a piece of writing that had nodded at a previous dream. then it gets fuzzy again. after that it clears up to me being handicapped and sent to a recovery home. they said i need a roommate that was not handicapped to pass the time with. My roommate was Dylan. but he has changed. he is kinder and sweet to me now. he went on adventures with me and our two dogs, a saint Barnard and a German Shepard, Lucio and roman. there was a time laps over years then they stop to show a scene. i was alone and some people broke into our small condo. there where buttons on a dashboard that could summon Dylan back to me but the people pressed all the buttons and angered him. he comes barreling back as a huge monster. he snatches up the people and throws them. then he picks me up sniffing me aggressive like then cuddles me. another time laps occurs. it looks like me and Dylan have become lovers because there is a picture of me and him kissing. there was a knock on the door. i answer it. there was a strange woman at the door. the dream ends there.