Apocalyptic World

Date: 5/5/2019


I was sent to this base with two other normal people there. I was meant to disguise myself to study and figure out what these half alien/predator creatures are doing. When I did see them they have the body of an alien but with the muscle build of a predator with dark skin tones going to black and dark green, and their heads like predators but they wore these really flat faced masks. at the time when I saw them I was protecting the humans from them finding them, disguised as one of these creatures. I don't know for sure if I was just wearing something to make me look like them or I could actually turn into one of these creatures. when they were done trying to search for those humans I was brought back with them to this regular looking room and with a bed an TV, the TV being on a small bookshelf and they were playing video games, I decided to chill with them (by studying them) and they considered me a new member to their group. So I was taken to another room where there is pictures of people on the wall and they explained their back stories of who they were (the pictures were of them), I remember specifically two of the creature stories, one was a black middle aged man and the other was a Mexican or Indian middle aged man, the black man story is that his dad got killed during this disease breakout and he still has his abandoned truck at this base and he wants to die but he really wants to die in his dad's truck and it was really sad because he really misses his father, and this Mexican or Indian man he was fighting a lot of these creatures and they killed 95% of all his people and so he feels really lonely and he was the one person out of this whole group that turn into one of these creatures. They are normal people inside but they have to eat other humans to survive and some of them just want to kill themselves but they don't know how.