Lady in White

Date: 2/13/2017

By Cami-sama

I've had this dream four times before and it's such a clear, creepy dream. I dreamed of walking in the middle of the night with my younger brother. Suddenly, a girl wearing a white dress appeared and it was walking towards us. I told my brother to just ignore her and just walk so we can get home. As the lady came nearer, I noticed that she's hiding her face with her hair by nodding down so all hair covered her face (like from The Ring movie). When she was just in front of us ,she grabbed my brother's arm aggressively and I grabbed him back. We we're like, in a tug of war with my brother in the middle. Finally, she let go and started to walk away. My brother and I hurried to a classroom nearby with some classmates and the teacher opened a huge, shining book. Then all our classmates jumped inside the book and my brother and I followed, too, and I thought to myself, we're finally going home.