Nightmare at the Museum

Date: 8/10/2017

By drunchee

Me and Marcos and Garrett are at a huge theme park. Many things happen. Garrett me and Marcos are on some bleachers watching Blake sing a hip hop song and dance on a stage full of people playing instruments. The crowd loves it. Behind Blake, a huge parade of people playing band instruments drives by, like a tower of people. I yell out "how the Hell does that happen!? Like what a coincidence,” because the parade of experienced band people makes what Blake’s doing even more epic. After the Blake concert, me G and M go to a Hotel known for being completely inhabitated by muppets. We see Muppet bellhoppers and Muppet people coming out of their rooms. Each muppet looked abnormally ugly. Our next stop was a Museum about ancient Asian stuff, from what I gathered. But; there was a twist. In this one exhibit, of a golden bull statue with a huge head, a skeleton of some kind of animal set up like something at a Dinosaur Museum, and just normal things displayed, there was a button that would allow you to turn up the exhibits AI. Meaning, the things would slowly become alive. I pressed the button, naturally, and the exhibits started getting more alive and creepy. The bulls head slowly moved towards me. Someone told me that if I stand infront of it for too long it'll ram into me. So me G and M ran from the building by climbing out the window and jumping down fire escapes. We could've just used the exit.