Random stuff

Date: 4/22/2017

By davestar25

I took Nattie to Guyana to meet my dad and we stayed at our house in Guyana. We took all of our supplements with us. She told me that when we go home that we need to stop using protein and amino acids. I googled and reasoned with her why we need to use those products. I owned a movie studio next to a church that I attended regularly. I got to the studio and sat in the locker room. A white actor comes in and gives me a hug. He says that he hopes I won't make fun of his Instagram rap battle with snoop which he lost. He then compliments my latest short film, which is a movie starring Jamhar and Jake. The movie is about Jamhar and Jake hanging out with their ladies in their mansion. Little do they know that they are about to be part of a drug deal gone bad. Because their roommate, also played by Jamhar conned some drug dealers and the drug dealers come to the mansion to deal with them. This was the comedy. Me and the actor left the locker room and I told him to rehearse for his scene. I went home and I saw one of my movies on the news getting positive reviews. Critics praised a sex scene that I put in the film with Scarlett Johansson and a new actor. Apparently, the scene was split into 3 screens and used slot of fades to show the progression of sex and the critics loved that and also the cinematography involved. There was a British gangster movie starring Clint Eastwood that was very successful. It was so successful that an American studio wanted to do an American remake of the film starring Julia Roberts, Emma stone, morgan freeman and an older white actor. They wanted me to direct the film. The plot of the film was Movie starts off with a man on a plane. He is in a white tux. His father/uncle or relative just passed away. So he is taking the body from England to America. Someone comes up to him and puts a letter in the jacket of the tuxedo. That person is a major character. He then shares a drink with someone. The rest of the movie is in reverse chronological order. It shows how the deceased ran his gangster/crime empire. It's revealed that the man who gave the son the letter, helped to kill the father. So eventually the son finds that out and has to get rid of that man. When we were starting to shoot the film, we learned that the lead actor who was playing the son had bailed from the project. So the executive told me that I should take that role and still direct the film. So I ended up stepping in that role. But instead of wearing a white tux in the first scene I wore a wife Beater instead. Once the scene was over, myself and a mid age Latino actor threw a party in the studio. I called Aaron, jamar and Jamhar to come. I told Nattie to come over for a double date with the studio executive and his wife. The party was big. My mom and a bunch of relatives came. My mom told me to sit down and she was treating me as if I was five years old because I was talking too much.