Cookie dream. /ft. Friend

Date: 2/18/2019

By TheDarkDreamer

Well this wasn't my dream, it was a dream of a friend of mine. It goes like this: /they were in Disneyland\ Signs: "-" Friend "+" Her mom "/\" Places "*" Actions "=" time "×" cookie man =2:48 am. -Mother? There is someone coming towards us. ×Would you like some cookies? *They become silent* -No, thanks. ×Would you like some cookies -Sorry, no. ×Would you. Like. Some. Cookies. +WE SAID NO, LEAVE US ALONE. *They leave* /Hotel\ =6:38 pm. -Night, mom. -Goodnight honey. *turns off lights* =8:45 pm. -*hears something in closet* -What was that? -*checks in the closet* ×Hello, WoUlD YoU LiKe SoMe COOKIES? -*SCREAMS* Aaaaaaaand she hit the cookie man with a bat. The end.