Red and Black Tornado(Part one)

Date: 4/14/2019

By AvengersInfinityWarEndgame2019

I can't remember how it started but what I do remember is me and my cousin was driving somewhere. I think we went to look for my Mom because I didn't know where she was. Oddly we saw a tornado it was pitch black in the sky to where we could barely see. We only saw one tornado but we started to look closely and it was more than one, he was dodging them I was scared as Hell. At first I screamed a little and then I calmed myself down. For some odd reason my cousin was laughing at me not realizing himself that we were going to die. Although we didn't we almost did but we didn't. He got caught in it but sped up and we got out(don't ask me how). He was dodging all of the torndoes(idk lol). After that we end up in this building I walk down the hall looking for my Mother and I go into this small room. It was flooded with toys and other stuff. After I realized the tornado was coming near the building(by the way everybody so we panicking and running) and I dropped my boyfriends phone in the flooded water.