Is that a wEeD

Date: 9/5/2019

By MostlyNightmares

I was going to school with my friend gracie and her mom made a big box of poptarts and in her moms words "they're kinda gross but the chocolate is really good" so I grabbed one and the chocolate fell on the floor and I said I'll clean it up, then I cleaned it up. I was eating then I'm like "shit, its 8:15" and we went to leave then I'm in the car with this bitch I dont even remember what she looked like but I saw she was smoking from a weed pen n if it were a juul I woulda been like "oh it dumb" but it was a weed pen so I asked if I could hit it, and she was like "oh you're another one of those people" and she's like "yea you can, but you have to trade me" n I'm like "ok" and she handed it to me, I hit it then handed it back then I'm like "wait, I didn't even hit it right" then she handed it back to me n I took so many hits but she didn't care then she's like "see you smoked a bunch, it usually takes a year to have to change one of these" and she said I had to trade her my dog (I don't even have a dog but apparently in this dream I did) and I'm like "no, I'm sure I could find something else" and she didn't answer me. Then I remember us talking for awhile and her just not bringing up the trade thing again.