Party at Snoops

Date: 4/22/2017

By davestar25

Jamhar and myself threw another party. We were having dinner in the living room but it was a bigger house. Nattie was sitting next to me on the couch. She got up and started washing the dishes. She comes back and shares a drink with me. More people are coming to the party. We move to another part of the house. Nattie sits on a couch by herself. Me and Jamhar are sitting next to each the on another couch discussing the plans for the night. I was wearing my new under armour SnapBack. There was a hot Asian girl sitting behind us. She takes my hat. Snoop leans backwards and he starts to make out with her. I move to the other living room to find Nattie but a hot blonde girl with a blue t shirt and white shorts stopped me by the stairs and asked if me and Snoop were coming upstairs. I told her later on. I kept looking for Nattie but there was way too many people in the house. I went outside and there was over 100 people in the driveway playing trap music. Darries was outside having a block party. I go back inside and a redhead stops me and asks who's house it is. I told her it's my friends Jamhar's. She asks if I'm one of the hosts of the party. I take her to see snoop and then I woke up.