Had this dream about a week ago

Date: 4/12/2017

By TwentieToo

Me, my friend Juliana, and some other people who I have no idea were went to Juliana's boyfriend, Calvin's, house to sleep over. Calvin wasn't her boyfriend in the dream though. When we went inside, Calvin waved his hand upstairs and had this annoyed look and then walked away. We went upstairs and chose out rooms. Me and Juliana slept in the east bedroom, two other girls slept in the west bedroom, and a boy and a girl who were a couple, slept in the middle bedroom. We went to sleep. I woke up and Juliana was gone, I think I went and tried to find her or something. But then I was dreaming in the point of view of the guy. His girlfriend was awake and seemed concerned. She asked him something. He crawled onto the bed towards her and said, "I didn't rape her, and you're not going to tell anyone anything, because I did nothing." Then he kissed her. Then it shifted back to my point of view and I was laying in bed all worried because I couldn't find her anywhere and didn't know what to do.