Snakes and Maggots

Date: 3/16/2017

By Oyasumi

I'm going to warn that this is a bit... grotesque (or at least for me ). - - - - Me and my mother had moved into a new house. It was decently large with brick walls and lush gardens/bushes out front. Shallow steps lead up to a small balcony that surrounded the door which had two rectangular windows adjacent to each other in the center of the top half. Immediately the next day, my mother had people come in to make some renovations. The most noticeable being a pool next to the front porch though it seemed more for decor rather than usage. I had a couple friends come over at one point as as we were walking there, I said,"I wonder what my alternate house would look like." ( or something like that ) A friend behind me replied,"Well I know my house is light blue compared to the female version of me's house." We arrived at my home. "Is this your house?"Friend B asked. Then Friend A spoke again, "It looks kinda like mine but a bit different." Then they took notice of the pool and we all unanimously agreed that the pool was what made it different. Keep in mind I know little to nothing about these 'friends' nor how they look. I knew that A was tall, skinny, and seemed like the type to slouch with his pockets in a loose hoodie and wear a paperboy hat. And I knew that B was short, chubby and a lot more energetic. There was a third friend I'll label as C who's body was constantly hunched over, seemingly nervous all the time and wringing his hands with slightly beady eyes that were rimmed at the bottom with dark bags. That was it. I only know it but I can't remember what they physically looked like. Moving on, my mother told me to go to the small yard we had at the right side of the house and clean up the rocks from the soil. So I did as told, grabbed a plastic bag and dug up small caches of rocks. A but later on, I realized some of the rocks were snake eggs and that some had already hatched. However, inside these eggs were not single baby snakes but rather thousands of smaller slimy ones. The smaller ones where white while the longer ones were black with a white underbelly. They were slick, slimy and able to disappear between the other rocks in the bag as I just watched in horror. Some began to crawl on my arm, having been lining the walls of the bag as well but disappeared from my line of sight. I chose to ignore it for the sake of my own sanity. Thinking quickly, I closed the bag to contain them and brought it to my mother who was sunbathing. She looked inside the bag, saw the 'snakes' and told me to throw it in the trash. On my way back into the house I had to cross over the areas I dug out before hand and noticed the hole in which I had picked up the eggs. Some of the eggs still were in there. As I neared, I noticed that they were also hatched and the 'more-similar-to-maggots snakes' wriggled about. They went towards a newspaper which held a picture of a large dog in the front. Their bodies absorbed into it like it was real, as if burrowing into the dogs body. The dog was large with shaggy brown fur that fell over his eyes and floppy ears of the same fur. I then suddenly remembered that as I was picking these eggs before, that there was this exact dog, dead and rotting in front of me. In which the 'snakes' had crawled into. They seemed to accumulate in the chest area mostly to burrow down. As I stood, two of the black snakes with the white underbellies began to snake around my ankles. I panicked a but and stepped on them to pull them away from me. Thankfully they didn't bite. But I quickly threw away the bag. Afterwards, I was back with my friends. We were going to watch something when we noticed two grown men shouting from the front of our house. We beckoned them to the garage door where there was a screen that allowed us to see them but they couldn't see us. We interrogated them about what they wanted and they said they wanted to watch the film with us. They seemed less like creeps and more like hardcore fans though they dressed normally. We denied them and turned off the screen for them so they couldn't see us but we could see them. They lingered at the door for a while before leaving with a plot to break in. - - - - Which they couldn't carry out because I woke up. Honestly one of the more disturbing of my dreams. Probably because I read a horror story called "Truth Be Told" the night before hand...