First lucid!

Date: 5/2/2017

By emsy;)dreamer

This was my first ever lucid dream but I had hardly any control. So I can't really remember all the details but I was in this room and some of my school friends were there. They were just ignoring me. Then I realised I was dreaming (maybe because I was being ignored?) and was scared I was going to wake up but I didn't. Of course I tried to fly but couldn't at all. Then I tried to find my crush 😏 but even though he was there later I couldn't find him. There's some things that I can't remember but I do remember my brother and sister being in trouble (at some indoor playground?) so I saved them 💪. I think I was flying at this point as my brother was up really high. Later on in the dream we were going to have a race with cars (these were tiny btw) and when I was walking to the car I tripped over (apparently I'm clumsy in my dreams too) but no-one seemed to notice. This is all I can remember tho.