fast bicycle

Date: 2/13/2017

By Rainbowinsight

I was riding a bicycle it was a racer, I was on a new road a huge new layout of intersections. I was cycling fast but with little effort I was able to easily keep up with cars and weave in and out of traffic. I had power on my bike like an e bike. I could pass pro cyclists easily I was on the road to Harlow. Then a cyclist behind me passed me doing a wheelee he was on a mountain bike he cycled into a building site I realised I couldn't follow easily because of my narrow tires Possible Interpretation: At this time though I am in another league and vulnerable Gods anointing is on me to enable me to move fast in and out of situations that are beyond my physical ability, I will be surprised at where I can go and what I can accomplish in Him. There will come a time when a challenging situation will arise I will need to be ready to adapt, no formulas will work. I need to trust Him for the way ahead.😄