Date: 5/5/2017

By Kitsune

I dreamt that I was in 2 different games today. First I was in a game called Xenoverse, which is based on an anime called Dragon Ball Z which I think most people know. For some reason I knew I was in the game and not in the anime. I was fighting this villain named Cell, and we went neck and neck, until I stunned him and used my Ultimate attack. Unfortunately I don't remember which attack it was. After that I dreamt I was in GTA, which I haven't actually played in a long time. I remember spawning on top of a building, and there were some people camping there. They got really angry and said we needed to get out. I couldn't because I was on the roof of course, so they pushed me off. I fell to death, and respawned on top again. So they pushed me again. I got hold of one person and he fell off as well. This time we both survived. Then some glitch started happening. He turned in a Titan from Attack on Titan and I ran as fast as I could. Suddenly he was gone, and there was this woman in front of me. She reminds me a lot Natalia from an anime called Fate/Zero which I just finished yesterday, so that might be why she appeared in my dream. She gave me a letter. I was invited to a party so she could interview me. It'd be a lot of fun, but then I woke up. ;( I also remember a small part where I was playing a game with a friend of mine. We were these little balls and we had to push each other out off the area for at least a few seconds to win. But that's all I remember.