Lucid dream gone wrong

Date: 8/3/2017

By jlccc

My dream started out with me at a bar chatting it up with this guy Jake who I had the biggest crush on in high school. I'm lucid dreaming so I lead him into this back room to hook up, and it's really sensual and great for a while, and then I lose track of lucidity and just go into normal dream mode and all of a sudden Jake is peeing all over me, not in some fetish type of way but in a very rude and shameful way. I'm so embarrassed about it and run out of the back room crying, only to find Kev from Shameless who was apparently tending the bar, who comes to help me clean up. After this I start lucid dreaming again and I'm really upset about the whole episode so I run out into the streets screaming "IT WAS JUST A DREAM" to anyone who will listen. People out there don't seem to care about my antics and just continue to go about their day.