Field trip

Date: 5/31/2019

By DreamDawg

Well the sophomore class was headed on a special field trip, but my team sport and other events after school conflicted with the trip, as it was a two day affair. But on the first day I went downtown along with everyone else and even my mom and grandma and sister were there but they were just using it as shopping trip. At one point i remember going to use the public restrooms but once i was in my stall i just stood there forever. These girls who had left my school to move somewhere else popped in and encouraged me to leave because I had been unable to. I thanked them and was on my way. I then went into a ice cream shop except everything physically was all off because the floors were built at wonky angles. The sports team was there and we all were trying very hard to reach the counter since it was very steep to get there. We were able to order but by the time we were leaving, the chaperone for the trip stopped by and reminded us that we had to leave to get to the on time otherwise something would happen. There was only a few minutes left on the timer she had and we all hurried through the streets. At some point before the ice cream shop I ran into another classmate who i asked if the Spanish work was hard, since that was the class I had to go to once I got back. I ran into my best friend who was checking out at a shop and thought it would be funny to grab her backpack for her when she wasn’t looking. But when she didn’t follow I went back inside and told me that she had gotten here via cart/bicycle. It was then that I knew I would miss the bus and luckily I hopped on her cart bike which was giant like horse carts in the olden days. We were pedaling fast in order to get back in time before the bus got to the school. At some point in the dream I had come to understand that the second part of this field trip would include going to Seattle or Portland, across the country from us. Except I had a sports game at that time tomorrow so all the athletes were worried. Anyway, we were bicycling when I heard this loud huff and my best friend said “don’t look behind you, but the bus is tailing us.” We were right around the corner from the school and we made a mad dash to get to the parking lot just as the bus did. Our principal was holding open the door for us as all the students piled off the bus and tried reprimanding us since school was practically over, but he isn’t really taken seriously so we all just moved past him.